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Aquapool is a water based swimming pool paint available in white and swimming pool blue with a low sheen finish. Aquapool has good adhesion to concrete, cement plaster and previously painted surfaces. It is resistant to water, alkali and pool chemicals. Aquapool forms a tough, durable, water-tight coating of low permability thus allowing transfer of water vapour and reducing the risk of blistering. It can be used in interior or exterior pools to add beauty and protect the substrate.

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Surface Preparation
A good surface preparation is essential for successful application of Aquapool. Swimming pool paints applications often fail because of inadequate or poor surface preparation. Surface preparation involves hard work and has no short cuts. Fill cracks, holes or spalled areas with grout and non shrink repair materials. New concrete should be filled with water and allowed to age for at least two months. Please refer to the surface preparation instructions on the packaging for further details.

Application Method
Brush or roller is advisable for the first coat to ensure proper penetration into the surface. Subsequent coats can be applied by brush, roller or by spray. Dilute the first coat with 20% water for better penetration into the surface. Subsequent coats can be applied without dilution for brush and roller application, if necessary dilute with water for ease of application. Depending on type of spray equipment, dilute with water. One litre of Aquapool will cover between 8 and 10 m² of surface in one coat. Apply three coats of Aquapool. Allow 24 hours in between coats to ensure complete hardening of each coat.

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